Waterless car wash in Houston

Dry cleaning - special technique of washing the car without using water. You can use it to wash the car without using water and electricity. More detail in the section Technology.

See more photos and a video showing examples of sinks as a premium car: BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota Land Cruiser, etc. and a budget: Daewoo, Kia, Opel, etc. Machines are served in a variety of places in the city: at the shopping and business center, near gyms and restaurants, car markets and in various municipal organizations such as MREO, traffic police, the tax office, etc.
Book a means for washing the car without the use of water from the manufacturer, and your car will shine like new, only 15 minutes due to the presence of liquid wax and polishing agent in the composition.

Special offer for owners of service stations, tire service, auto repair

SRT, tire and auto service have the ability to provide its customers an additional service - to perform a comprehensive cleaning (body + room + dry) car. Thus, increase profits and customer flow at the expense of providing additional services.

Open your own mobile car wash


You want to open a car wash? Cost of the 1st washing of 0.5 USD. Learn favorable conditions for cooperation from the manufacturer of Auto Clean Eco Mobile Car. More detail in cooperation.
Get right to operate under the brand name of Auto Clean Eco Mobile Car Wash and quickly get awareness among motorists.

We sell for dry cleaning cars and other cosmetic and have a lot of regular customers in Ukraine, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and etc.

Reviews of dry washing technology

in Houston

Buy a means to wash a car without water Houston

Request a test set:
30  washing full sinks - $ 30
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Look at how the opening point of the mobile car wash parking Trade Center.
Visit the reviews and know the opinion of loyal customers, who have repeatedly used the vehicle for washing cars without water.

Articles, additional materials, frequently asked questions

Visit the special section on additional material and frequently asked questions, which we try to answer the main question motorists that first encounter with the new technology of the car wash.

Also, be sure to visit the section carwash business, where more details are the main advantages over conventional water car wash or download our offer.

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If the suggested address is not for you - report it to the manager and we will find you the most convenient delivery method.
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In order to ensure a car wash without water, order a trial set of samples from the company Auto Clean.
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